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Success requires a strategic approach. My job is to guide you from point A to point B while missing the potholes along the way.

Brandon DiNovi
Performance Consultant
Brandon DiNovi

Brandon DiNovi is the Co-Founder and CEO of RAM ADVANTAGE. He holds two bachelors as well as a doctorate in the field of human performance and is the author of American Strength


Brandon has been in the personal performance industry for over two decades. His clients come from all walks of life including professional athletes, business executives and young professionals. 


What makes Brandon different?


What makes him different is his ability to help people unlock their potential. He does this with a direct no holds barred approach in identifying specific areas of a person’s life, which are holding them back from expressing their true potential.


How does Brandon accomplish this?


He is fueled by two foundational beliefs. First, Brandon believes everyone is designed at birth to be healthy, happy and successful and he has made it his life’s work helping people find their individual key to unlock these properties.

Second, he believes everyone is only one degree away from greatness. He believes this is achieved by learning techniques as well as a strategic plan of action necessary to make permanent life changes. Over time these changes become compounded, which results in a person being able to live a life by design not by chance.


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