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DiNovi Performance is dedicated to providing natural pain free treatments to improve your performance and movement. We are also passionate about educating our clients on ways to maintain an elevated level of movement. Below you will find a list of the treatment styles we utilize. 

Structural Testing & Evaluation Procedure (S.T.E.P.)
S.T.E.P. is a cutting edge testing & treatment system utilized at DiNovi Performance to restore structural integrity. S.T.E.P., was designed to help practitioners detect and correct dysfunctional movement in elite athletes. S.T.E.P. is based on the principle, to function properly there must first be structural integrity. For more information on S.T.E.P. click here.

Low Impact Treatments
Dr. Brandon DiNovi strictly uses low impact, low force treatments. Dr. DiNovi has spend countless hours in post graduate training, over this time he has blended multiple disciplines into one effective style. These treatments are as close to zero impact as possible. Even though these treatments are non invasive and gentle, they are extremely effective with clients regularly experiencing relief after the first visit.  


Sports Nutrition Consultation and Evaluation
As a lifetime drug free athlete Dr. DiNovi relies heavily on proper nutrition and supplementation to fuel his performance. Sports supplementation is a confusing topic for most athletes, Dr. DiNovi's vast knowledge makes it easy to understand as well as easy to implement.


Preventative Treatment and Support
Staying well is the key to performing well. At DiNovi Performance preventing injuries has always been our goal. By receiving preventative care you can help lower the chance of incurring an injury.

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