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Performance consulting will help you develop at an accelerated pace by focusing on proven personal growth and performance techniques. As everyone learns at a different pace, these techniques are completely personal and adapted to your own experiences. 



At DiNovi Performance our goal is to help individuals create transformational change within their lives. In order for this transformational change to occur, we believe there must be a collaborative relationship between the consultant and the individual.


We are determined to help individuals fulfill their potential and to do something meaningful with their life. A collaborative relationship allows for the consultant to provide the necessary tools to the client so that they can attain a greater level of success.


We believe in providing individuals with information, which facilitates a new mindset and essentially new behaviors. A new mindset provides a shift, which opens the door for accelerated achievement and creates a pathway to unlock hidden potential.



We are here to provide you support in making strategic advancement in your life. If you feel stuck, or need expert advice on a situation, we are here to help.


Put us to the test!


Schedule your complimentary session with us today. No strings or gimmicks, simply a free test run of our services. If you are interested in personal development or you need guidance in making a tough decision, we can help.  


What is a performance consultant?

A performance consultant is an individual who provides professional or expert advice within a particular field of personal development, science or business. There are in essence three characteristics that distinguish a performance consultant from other professions.

First, a performance consultant provides expert knowledge or advice to help guide a client toward a specific outcome. This knowledge usually comes from professional schooling and accreditation.


Second, a performance consultant operates independently from the client to ensure there is no conflict of interests between the client's needs and the services being rendered. The role of the consultant is to provide unbiased information for which the client can use for goal attainment and personal growth.


Finally, a performance consultant operates in a professional manner, which includes not taking credit for the client’s success. The consultant is simply the liaison of information.

What is the job of a performance consultant?

A performance consultant provides strategic information to an individual or group for goal attainment & personal improvement. This includes providing a structured plan of action, follow up consultations, teaching, coaching and at times mentoring. 

What is the difference between a performance consultant and a counselor?

There is a stark difference between the two professions. A counselor is an individual who has been professionally trained to help individuals with their mental health. A performance consultant should never provide advice for mental health disorders unless they are specifically licensed to do so. DiNovi Performance does NOT provide counseling or mental health services. If you are in need of mental health services please contact your state association.


Why should someone hire a performance consultant?
One of the defining features a performance consultant possesses is specific knowledge. By transferring this knowledge it provides a strategic advantage to the client. In the majority of cases this is the main reason a client hires a performance consultant. They are looking for someone to provide expert advice that ultimately leads to resolution of an issue within the client's life.

What are a few more reasons why consultants are hired?

  • Performance consultants are independent and provide an objective view on specific situations

  • Performance consultants are immune to family and office politics and/or sensitive situations and can therefore provide unbiased advice.


  • Hiring a performance consultant may be more cost effective and less time consuming than other professional services.


  • If a client or business finds themselves needing advice as to which step to take next.


  • Performance consultants can also provide unemotional advice to help individuals or a   business make difficult  choices.


  • People who are looking to have an edge on the competition!

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