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Strategic Life Advancement

Training Program
Learning how to overcome limitations is a hallmark of personal growth

How it all started

Years ago I started teaching a 90 minute introductory crash course on personal success. In the original seminar, I taught participants the basics of human behavior and personal health.


The response was universal.


People wanted more of what I was teaching. They wanted to dig deeper and learn how to use the techniques we discussed to better improve their lives. They wanted individual sessions to better understand and personalize these techniques.


I went to work and started designing a program that would allow people to actually learn how to change their life. It took me a few months to find the right blend of information that would stimulate growth without overwhelming people with details. The result was an 8-week training program called:

Strategic Life Advancement

Training Program

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The Program

This program not only teaches individuals the basics of human behavior, health as well as the factors that influence each, it teaches them how to implement changes which can help them navigate challenges life can present.


SLA is a one of a kind program which integrates education as well as action into a personalized plan for higher achievement. This is achieved through a step by step process.

Step By Step 


This process includes 8 one-on-one performance consultations. Each consultation works as a building block specifically designed to enhance the next step.


Consultations are scheduled 1 week apart for 8 consecutive weeks. During each consultation participants are given a portion of a workbook which enhances the teaching and builds from one session to the next. 


In addition to each session, clients are often given strategic activities to work on in-between consultations.

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After 8 sessions clients will not only have taken direct action to change an area of their life but they will also have completed the personal success training program workbook which is 100% personalized for the client. The workbook is an invaluable tool, which the client can refer back to in the future.


This success training program is designed to provide personalized education as well as accountability. These are two aspects needed for lasting success, to overcome limitations and for you to breakthrough and experience all that life has to offer.

In 8 weeks you will:


  • Understand the how beliefs are created and how they are directing your choices. 


  • Learn how hidden patterns are controlling your behavior and could be derailing your life and holding you back.


  • Learn how to remove unsupportive patterns and replace them with new supportive patterns that will drive you toward success!


  • Remove fear, guilt and worry from your life!


  • Learn how your nervous system communicates and how to interact with it for optimum health.


  • Develop a personal philosophy, which will become the foundation for your life to flourish.


  • Learn how to create an inner circle of friends that will be mutually beneficial and create positive growth in your life.


  • Develop awareness for the power technology has over your ability to live a happy and productive life.


  • Create a back-up plan, a set of steps for you to take when difficult times arise. 


  • Learn the science behind building rapport with anyone!


  • Learn how to “shelve emotions” and “harness emotions” for success.


  • Create a set of verbal cues which will engage the brain to work efficiently in a positive manner. 

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100% Money-Back Guarantee

In the unlikely event that after having participated in 2 weeks of Strategic Life Advancement Training Program you decide this program will not provide you with enough knowledge to create a more fulfilling and inspiring life, simply return your worksheets and we will give you a complete refund, no questions asked.

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